withdrawal 90JILI process helps players ensure that their winnings are transferred to their bank accounts. So how do you withdraw your winnings from 90JILI to your bank account? When withdrawing money at 90JILI, are there any tips to get your transaction processed as quickly as possible? In this article, experts will share tips on how to withdraw money from 90JILI quickly.

The Most Basic Withdrawal 90JILI Guide 

Right after winning at 90JILI, you can absolutely withdraw this amount to your bank account as follows:

Step 1: Access the withdrawal 90JILI page

Step 1: Access the withdrawal 90JILI page

Members select the “Withdraw” option located in the right corner of the screen interface. Then, the official withdrawal interface will appear. Members need to check if their account balance is over 200,000 VND. If not, you will not be able to withdraw money from 90JILI.

Step 2: Add bank card information

Step 2: Add bank card information

When members withdraw money from 90JILI for the first time, you need to add your bank account information. To do this, click on “Add bank card” on the withdrawal interface. Then, fill in the required information in the following fields:

  • Full name: Enter your full name exactly as it appears on your bank account.
  • Select bank: Choose your bank from the list of banks supported by 90JILI.
  • Account number: Enter your bank account number correctly to withdraw money.
  • Province, district, branch: Fill in the correct information about the location where you opened your bank account.
  • Security password: Create a password of 6-10 characters for future withdrawals at 90JILI.
  • Tick the box: “Enter security password when withdrawing money” to enhance the security of your payment transaction.

Finally, click “Confirm” to save the bank account information in the system. Now, this bank account will be used to transfer your winnings from 90JILI.

Step 3: Make a withdrawal 90JILI order

Step 3: Make a withdrawal 90JILI order

After your bank information has been successfully linked to your 90JILI account, you will see the withdrawal order interface. Fill in the following information for the transaction:

  • Select bank account: Choose the bank account you added earlier to withdraw money.
  • Select the number of withdrawal points: Enter the number of points corresponding to the withdrawal amount. Each point is equivalent to 1,000 VND.
  • Enter password: Enter the correct security password you created in step 2.

Then, click “Confirm” and wait for the withdrawal transaction to be processed. If the transaction is processed successfully, you will see the money from 90JILI transferred to your bank account within approximately 30 minutes.

4 Tips to Withdrawal 90JILI in A Flash 

4 Tips to Withdrawal 90JILI in A Flash 

For long-time players at 90JILI, they have found the 4 fastest ways to withdraw money at 90JILI below:

Withdrawal Money at The Right Time 

The right time to withdraw money from 90JILI is when the bank is working continuously. This is the time period before 11 a.m. from Tuesday to Friday. This will be the time when bank staff will process the withdrawal transactions of players at 90JILI immediately.

Withdrawal 90JILI Portal Is Not Under Maintenance

When 90JILI is under maintenance, all activities of the house will be stopped. Players who unfortunately withdraw money at the right time when 90JILI is about to go into maintenance. This will cause the payment transaction to be delayed until the house is successfully maintained.

Therefore, if you want to withdraw money from 90JILI as quickly as possible, avoid the time when the house announces that it is about to maintain the 90JILI system.

Only Withdrawal Money to 1 Bank Account

Members who decide to play at 90JILI and want to withdraw money as quickly as possible. You should only use 1 bank account to transact at the house. Players who use multiple bank accounts will have difficulty withdrawing money at 90JILI.

Even with each new bank account added to withdraw money from 90JILI. The first payment transaction is slow according to the regulations of the house. This also makes the withdrawal procedure at 90JILI increase the time a lot.

Withdrawing money from 90JILI is not difficult, the important thing is that you have to bet in a way that you can win the house. Thus, you will have more opportunities to withdraw money from 90JILI for yourself. This will definitely be the biggest wish of the bettors when investing at 90JILI. Wish you always withdraw a lot of money at 90JILI.